1KM1KT Cyberpunk Revival Project

The 1KM1KT Cyberpunk Revival Project was announced, and while I normally just pay attention to 1KM1KT to see what kind of game ideas are being used, I think I might actually try this.

The main reason is that it can’t be larger than 30 pages, and that is perfect for me. I want to write a game setting, drawing on the scraps of story and ideas I am scattered around my room, brain and wiki. Incidentally, the cyberpunk setting that I have in mind is HOVER, a futuristic version of earth where most of humanity lives in soaring skyscrapers (miles high) and the surface of earth has practically been deserted in favor of these mega-structures.

HOVER refers to the High Occupancy Vehicle Emergency Response, a para-military organization that deals with law enforcement and emergency situations involving the rail ships that transfer people between the cities. They travel incredibly fast, and could cause a tremendous amount of damage if hi-jacked or they malfunction.

I think that could make a pretty decent cyberpunk setting, since it draws on issues that we have had in my lifetime, and are blown-up and dissected with the abundant application of advanced technologies. The exciting and difficult thing is, I have no idea how to write a game setting. I have read enough, of course, but that is what I am going to be researching for the next few days.

This could be the beginning of something awesome. :slight_smile: