Create random favicon linker

I have an idea to add a line to the header template on interi so it links to a new favicon on every build. I might only have it load on the main page, so I’m not having to update every page on build.

Since it is such a tiny square pixel art would work really well! So I’ll need to generate a gallery of favicon-quality art, and start cycling through it.

Find 7 favicon art things
add randomizer code to 1, 2, or more than 2 page in the archive

In order to add favicons, I ought to create a block in the baseof.html, which I can replace as needed. Then I override it in the interi web layouts.

I read SVG favicons are not supported in Chrome, which doesn’t really bother me. I’d like to use something like:

<link rel="icon" type="image/svg+xml"

The link to the issue has been updated recently (294179 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail) and they say support is in dev, and will land in Feb 2020, so I guess I will go ahead with this. I care less about Chromium favicon support, and more about not having random browsers automatically try to download favicon.ico

I was thinking I’d make a bunch of single color SVGs, load them from a bundle somewhere in interi, and cycle through them on each build.

Oh! Rather than cycle through them, I ought to generate the file automatically! That way folks could cache a single link, but whenever it refreshed it might be different.

Hmmm, can I produce SVGs with Hugo? Or possible rewrite the URL to a directory of them? I… I think so!

This isn’t a good idea, because it causes more, meaningless server calls. I just can’t do it… :slight_smile:

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