Example of a critical shift in perspective

Have you ever been unable to imagine a person’s perspective, and subsequently were able to hold it first hand? What was the catalyst?

Ive had a few critical paradigm shifts like this in my life.

Usually it has happened when I consciously tried to openly and honestly set aside my personal views on a subject. To actually do my best to stop advocating for my own perspective, and then try my best to advocate FOR the position/perspective I disagree with. As kind of a very serious thought experiment. Kind of in a principle of charity sort of way.

Sometimes very very quickly, withing moments ive discovered the other position coheres with other core values I possess better than the position I was keeping. In those few moments ive often found my old perspective so untenable I can’t readopt it with good conscience.

It’s why im pro choice today. It’s why I am an anticapitalist. Its much of the reason why I am not a theist.

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