Getting Started - Bullet Journal

I’ve heard about Bullet Journal from a couple different people, so I checked it out.

It’s interesting. I am not sure I’d want to go back to analog notes though.

Listen, I know I am always that person, but…

Is there an app, and can I build one?

There is no Bullet Journal app. If you’re interested in building one, please contact me via the contact page and I’ll be happy to chat. Otherwise, please note that all rights are reserved.

Emphasis mine. I was all about it the entire way down, I thought, “hey, this is kinda cool, seems to build on how I make notes…”. But that is so stupid. Just, fuck that person. Not everything is about profiting from our fellow people.

I saw that, and thought it was hilarious! Then I realized they were serious. I agree, that is really stupid.

However, it is my understanding that you can’t copyright a method of note-taking. It’s like copyrighting a method of division. Or a type of source-citing.

I kind of want to make one, call it Railgun Journal and open source it. Just on principal!

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