Ghost in the Shell: Contingency

To say I like Ghost in the Shell is an understatement. Whether it is the manga, novels, theatrical movies, or anime series, I just frickin’ love it. It is one of the few story worlds that I think the content creators push the envelope to tell drastically different stories that are tied together with a familiar and likeable cast. I want to create like that.

I am entertained, inspired, made to question, and am given an overall cathartic experience. So, when I read about the live-action movie, I get nervous. I don’t want this series to have a sore spot on it.

Fortunately, I have a contingency. I started reading the novels attached to the series around the time I learned of the live-action movie being seriously considered. While I am simply amazed at the writing of Junichi Fujisaku, and how well the GITS world translates to text, I decided to keep the final book in that trilogy, White Maze, unread and incidentally wrapped in plastic.

I hope the movie is good. I hope the movie is awesome and kicks my brain. But if it doesn’t, it won’t be the last GITS media I consume.

I have a contingency.