maiki asks: do you prefer real-time notable posts, or digests?

Heya! I have a question, so please leave me a comment sharing your thoughts. Here’s the deal: I get a lot of notable ideas and stories crossing my mind every day. I don’t use micro-blogging, where I think a lot of folks would share such things. I am deciding if I ought to do so here.

I was trying to keep a digest, collecting stories to share at the end of the week, but my weeks don’t end on Friday; in fact, I am often busy on Friday and Saturday because folks like to give me work that needs to be done by Monday (gah, is that a niche? Is it one I want?!). Also, it doesn’t feel entirely natural. I mean, what if something is worth discussing, or multiple items?

But on the other hand, I don’t want to spam folks, and make them tune out. That is likely missing the point, as I don’t have a large audience, and most of my traffic comes from informative posts I’ve published that remain useful over time and I am not going to stop making those.

But I thought I would ask, since if you are reading this, it might affect you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking!
Real time for me, the volume would really have to be massive for me to get annoyed (one post every hour or so).

Also different comment threads for different topics is nicer, I guess.

Real-time is fine for me! I only see updates when I check my rss reader, so I won’t be getting notifications or anything.