Stupid things I've said before

Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before?

I remembered Ray of Light recently, and started to listening to it. And like I tend to do, that means on repeat, over and over, until I move to another group of music. The above lyrics are from Skin.

The song seems to be about making a connection, apparently with another person. It reminded me of looking in the mirror.

Someone mentioned that they don’t recognize the person in the mirror. I love thinking about that, because I think it would be neat to have that experience. The grass is greener, and all that. For me I am acutely aware of who it is in the mirror. I have known them as long as I can remember, which is to say a very long time. And they are getting older, changing shape, becoming confused. And sometimes I want to ask, do I know you from somewhere? But that would be insincere. I do know them. I may even know why they leave me wanting more.

Why do all the things I say sound like the stupid things I’ve said before?

But I don’t let it get me down. In fact, I have recently learned to smile at myself. :slight_smile: