video series explaining Das Kapital, chapter by chapter

chapter 1, theory of values:

i’m copying over some metadata from the provided video description because i find lists of contents really helpful for my own understanding.

video length: 16:30

Intro to Theory of Values | Chapter 1


•Jul 1, 2019


Chapter by Chapter

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This video covers Chapter 1 - ‘Commodities’ of Das Kapital by Karl Marx. In this chapter, Karl Marx lays out the foundations of his Theory of Values and other ideas to be explored in Das Kapital.

0:49 Commodities
1:52 Use-values
2:52 Exchange-value
3:50 Value
5:55 Labor-time
9:10 Two-fold nature of Labor within commodities
9:39 Useful labor
11:20 The Social Division of Labor
12:21 Labor’s relationship with productive power
13:42 The Money-form of value

pages summarized: 47