A 90's Manila BBS

Name of BBS: A 90’s Manila BBS
Connection types: Telnet
Software Type: Mystic
Hardware Type: 64-bit machine running Linux
Hostname: telnet://bbs.balcos.net

Games? Yes
Software? Didn’t see any
Msgboard? Yes
Guestbook? Yes
Talk directly to Sysop? Yes
Email owner? Yes

Write up on BBS:
This BBS is very sparse it seems, and it was somewhat difficult to verify my email when I obtained an account. However, the system runs very fast and there seemed to be DOOR games as well as demos. I don’t know exactly what the demos are, but I assume them to be like C64 demos that are an aspect of the demoscene, which is about making hardware do what you thought you couldn’t do with it, particularly Home Computers like the C64, BBC Micro, ZX Spectrum and a host of other machines. I will explore this BBS more and report my findings in a follow-up!

Interview with owner:

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