A list of Minetest questions

Clover and I are starting to get into minetest, but it’s kinda rough to understand as a project at the moment. This topic will track questions and hopefully answers as I discover minetest. :slight_smile:

Where do I go to get content for the Minetest engine?

Redirecting… seems more landy-page than rated content, so https://content.minetest.net/ is probably the place to check. Are there other places to check? Does mod dependency mean I have to figure out how each distinct game works before playing? Because I’ve had some difficulty using mods with Minetest Game or any other. :thinking:

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Is there a better feed URL to get news than the feed for the news category?


How do I turn on the minimap? Is it a performance hit?

Found a tutorial that really helped me understand how the server runs: How to Setup a Minetest Server on Ubuntu 17.04 - Vultr.com