A new Venezuelan ID, created with China's ZTE, tracks citizen behavior

There’s another company to boycott.

Oh, a choice quote!

“We don’t support the government,” he said. “We are just developing our market.”

Fuxk ZTE.

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The technology Daquin and colleagues learned about in Shenzhen underpinned what would become China’s “Social Credit System.” The still-evolving system, part of which uses “smart citizen cards” developed by ZTE, grades citizens based on behavior including financial solvency and political activity. Good behavior can earn citizens discounts on utilities or loans. Bad marks can get them banned from public transport or their kids blocked from top schools.

Okay, “Social Credit System” is gonna be its own genre. We need a Sims-type game that uses those exact examples.

During the hack, TeamHDP took screenshots of user data and deleted the accounts of government officials, including Maduro. The president later appeared on television scanning his card and receiving an error message: “This person doesn’t exist.”

Aw, that must have made for great TV! That’s so V for Vendetta!