A Practical Guide to Fedora and RedHat Enterprise Linux (anyone want it?)

Wanted to offer it up to talkgroup before I tried selling it to the local used bookstore. This was supposed to be the textbook for my class this past fall. Though we did not in fact use it. Anyway this is free to a good home. We can negotiate shipping addresses over private comms. If no one expresses interest in about a week, ill send it to the local used bookstore.

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That’s a real bummer.

I was a bit miffed. I procured mine off of biblio.com though so I paid less for it than most of the other students.

I’m currently kind of waiting for a textbook to be decided on for my java classes this fall. Their is a not insignificant chance if they go with the textbook publisher they have used in previous years; the publisher will charge me an extra fee electronically if I buy a used book, to get access to the mandatory electronic resources. OR I could buy a cheaper DRMed always online etextbook that is locked up in their website.

The instructor for the class is changing though, so I am hoping this changes.

But I digress.

I took math from a community college professor that was head of the dept., but chose to only teach lower level math classes, as after a certain point all the books are based on suggestions from publishers, per arrangement with the school. They only used handouts, and put them up as PDFs on their website, and it included an answer key because, “I’m here to teach people how to do math, not fuck around.”

Cool people rarely think the textbook system works. :thinking:

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