Agnostic game controller for large hands?

I have large hands, and using an NES controller hurts my hands. I say that for reference, as I know there are a bunch of smaller controllers.

Okay, so I had two wireless Xbox 360 controllers, but they have died. Well, one works but pulls to the left, and that suuuuuuuuuuucks.

I wanted to replace it eventually with something similar in size, and wireless. For use in GNOME, and mostly just ROMS. Suggestions?

Ah, this could probably not hurt my hands…


ooh that’s nice. And I love

Wireless Bluetooth and direct USB connectable with built in lithium ion battery

As someone who dislikes using bluetooth when not necessary, this is excellent.

Maybe the bot has big hands


Ive thought about adding this to the mix a few times, but the Logitech F310 and the Logitech F710 have excellent linux support, can flip between xinput and oldstyle dinput with the flick of a switch depending on the age of the game your playing with. Which can be a god send for some ancient games with gamepad support.

I avoided other people’s recommendations on them for years because especially the silver one has an aesthetic I didn’t entirely have traction with; but id also say they both look better in real life, as most online images dont do them justice.

The F310 has become my gamepad of choice for my laptop.

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Looks like the difference between the models is wireless vs cord? I hear what you say about looks, and I don’t really look at the controller anyhow, so that wouldn’t bug me.

I will say… I like the F310 colors better from their photos on the Logitech site.

Also, I wasn’t really planning on using this on the big TV, I was going to use it on my laptop, which means it won’t be very far from me, and a cord seems fine for that. I’m gonna start search for one locally. :slight_smile:

Yep !

Just tripped over the fact that the F710 (and possibly it’s wired brother) can have driver issues in Windows 10. Though they work if you force the driver to the generic XBox 360 controller. This means they may be bizarrely better supported in non Microsoft OSes.

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Made a task, I’m sure I’ll log about what I come upon. :slight_smile:

I ordered an F710. :slight_smile:

We’ll see if it works as I’d like. Planning to use it with Fedora on a new install on the Alpha Console, after replacing that drive (also ordered 1TB SSD!).

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The controller got here relatively quickly, but the SSD just arrived, so we’ll really put it through the paces. So far it’s played fine (fits well!), I just want to ensure the wireless is lag-free on a new Fedora install. :slight_smile:

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I believe the controller will work out, but I still haven’t a chance to break it in. Fixing hardware and setting it up, installing and syncing… it’s taken weeks, and I still don’t have any games in place to play anything…

I have the F710, and it works fine for my big hands. Only hitch: no games to play! Well, I played SoulCalibur 2 and Skies of Arcadia, and a handful of games in Dolphin Emu. But non-console gaming never went anywhere with me (it’s no surprise, just noting ^_^)

Recently we got a Switch to play Animal Crossing, and while the individual controllers (so-called "joycon"s, which must refer to a special type of carpel tunnel injury) are too small to use as game controllers, the attachment that forms a regular controller, as well as attached to the Switch, and they fit my hands find; however, neither are optimal for Clover…

Except that N30 Pro 2… it works perfectly with the Switch! Like, we didn’t use it, it didn’t particularly pair well with whatever bluetooth drivers I’m using, whereas it just works with the Switch, including rumble and shaking (which I didn’t even know it did!). So that means we bought our “second controller” a couple years ago. Glad they made a cute enough Switch to match. :upside_down_face:


that’s great! i haven’t tried any non-nintendo peripherals with my switch, so i’m glad for this report that the system is “open” in at least that specific way… that it uses some standard for controllers that is widely accepted, so much so that older peripherals work. and i’m kinda shocked when technology Just Works these days. lol

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