is a very bad website (and you should not use it)

I clicked a link thinking it was useful, but instead took me to an Amazon product page. Since I accessed it over HTTP, a stateless protocol, I already had the resource cached locally, so decided to make the best of it and use the information available to me. For instance, I wanted to know when this book had been published, something I find exceedingly useful in my research. Also, I normally, um, find it.

Here’s a screenshot of the page in question:

In case your eyes glaze over at the site of brilliant dumpster fires, the rough outline to get to the year of publication is:

  • Book cover and pricing info taking up the entire space above the fold
  • “Frequently bought together”
  • Customer who viewed this…
  • Related products
  • Editorial Reviews (???)
  • Product details!

If not for the volunteer, unpaid user-generated content filling out the rest of the page, the “Product details” section would at the bottom (except for the… repeating bars of related/customer-bought products…).

Think about what that says about you. You are either a moron, or in an abusive relationship, when using that site.

Please discuss. :slight_smile: