April 19, 2021

Continuing the discussion from April 15, 2021:

I had an appointment for this morning, but the person calling me is out so they need to reschedule it, as left in a voicemail message. When I called back to reschedule for later today (rather than wait for Wed.), I was forwarded by a human to a voicemail box, without clear instructions on what to do…

I have two ibuprofen left, and am afraid I will hurt a lot before they tell me what the urologist said and if I am getting new antibiotics.

I want to cry right now, it feels so hopeless. Some days I have a hard time breathing because my body is in so much pain it seizes up. And I’m fucking stuck in a phone labyrinth…

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Got an appointment at 4PM tomorrow, and was able to renew my pain med prescription.


I’ve decided after getting the information from this next appointment (argh, wtf is it?!), I’m going to switch medical care providers. I thought it imprudent, during a pandemic and in the middle of my treatment, but that presumed treatment was happening.

So there’s that.

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And now I’ve gotten another voicemail and email saying I don’t have insurance, and I’ll need to pay for the appointment. I’ve replied that is untrue, and they need to check with my insurance and I consider this harassment.

And I truly hope another medical provider won’t mess with me this way…

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Man, I am so sorry you are having to deal with this.

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When I lived in that area I went with Kaiser Permanente and at that time I liked it. I felt like things moved pretty rapidly. This was in 2012 though. Eons ago

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