April 21, 2019 - Sunday

Celebrated my mom’s birthday today. (Scheduling it had been something of a nightmare this year, so we decided to bump easter.) Fiance and I ended up inflicting some horror movies on her (which she loves). We had some fantastic burgers from a new local place we had been meaning to try for a while; and we brought over a blender and made some reduced carb milkshakes. I also took the opportunity to gift her some upgrades to the home theater PC she has driving most of her video media these days.


What’s that like? I don’t stream, and use Kodi, but have no idea what non-maiki do with PCs hooked to TVs. :slight_smile:

When we originally set it up together it was windows box that boots straight to Kodi. Its outfitted with plugins to stream video from various sites. Some networks offer their TV shows up a day after they air on cable for free streaming via their websites, and Kodi plugins exist to stream these. She also uses Kodi for a nice couch UI for DVD playback, or to play music CDs.

Occasionally ill come by with a thumb drive and some content to the Kodi library if we wanna watch something together at her place.

It’s drifted a bit since then. It’s running windows because she is fairly technical minded herself and wanted the ability to install arbitrary software on it; and she never took the time to get comfortable with GNU/Linux. She also teaches on Windows (she is in public education) and she liked the idea of having it as a fallback computer if her laptop crashed.

She has since layered sling TV and other streaming services onto the box. Though their not directly integrated into Kodi at the momment. (Though I think some could be).

Sling TV I think has a client. I don’t interact with it much, but I believe she mostly minimizes kodi and launches the client. Most everything else she streams is via a browser.

She mostly drives it with a wireless keyboard+trackpad combo.


Super cool setup!


There is quite a bit of that in my life it seems. I find that a lot of colleagues at work still trade hardrives and thumbdrives of material from time to time amongst themselves.

When me and my Fiance first started dating, he neither had reliable internet, nor cable. Some of our early courting rituals involved me bringing over a NVidia Shield Portable running Kodi and a HDMI cable to his place.


Aw, that’s sweet!

In other news:

Wine (for adults) and brownies!

Clover decided eir contribution to my personal color palette wasn’t prominent enough…

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rode my bike for the first time in 6 or 8 months. my shoulder still hurts, but not as bad as it did a few months ago. had to put air in the tires. even got cat litter and strapped it to the front. love my front rack.

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