April 27, 2019 - Sat

today i picked up old forgotten stuff from an old roommate, plus some extra stuff! now typing from a stand-up desk from ikea! it’s amazing! i rearranged everything in my room AGAIN but i’m done this time. my shoulder hurts.


basketball game on tv!

i cooked a thing! two years ago i used hellofresh. they called me a month ago and asked if i wanted to re-up my subscription for half off for a month. i said yes because i am strange. then i forgot to change my address so it was going to my old roommate in sf. i picked it up today so i have six meals to cook. we cooked meatloaf. it was pretty good.

i never cook, ever, ever, ever, so this was really good.

i’m pretty sure i’m okay with this being public: i started a new medication on wednesday. i think i like it a lot. having the energy and motivation to improve my room and cook a thing i’ve never cooked before and ask people how to cut an onion in half (through the poles, not through the equator, apparently) is good.

I finally replaced the failing ATT gateway with their replacement. I also installed the TP-Link router I’ve been waiting to install for months. Next up is setting up my tech bench. Pictures will occur!