April 5, 2019, in graphic description

Continuing the discussion from April 5, 2019:

Warning: descriptions of sickness

I woke up fine, even took Clover to school. I returned home and was overcome with fatigue. Sometime later I woke up and had a powerful migraine. Woke up crying.

But that wasn’t the worst: I had this severe stomach ache. Not used to that. I couldn’t get anything down, netiher caffeine nor food. Just water. Four cups of water.

And then the water came up. I suppose it isn’t the worst, but there is something that feels like betrayal when one’s body can’t keep down water.

The rest of the day was super blah.

Lessons: get more rest, stay hydrated.

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Oh man, I know that feeling. At that point I just start swearing at my body between… moments. “Oh… oh fuck you.”

That super sucks and I hope it passes quickly.

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