August 5, 2008

Today was an eventful day.

Waking up there was a noticeable chill in the air. Justin and I have decided that Berkeley rolls dice every six hours to determine what it will be like. The weather chart is divided into seasons, and fortunately Weatherd20 got rid of those crufty consistency rules.

I started off the day reading the worst child abuse story that comes to mind, so much so that I actually don’t want to share it. Fortunately that set my mind up for events later on in the day, which aren’t as foreboding as they sound. It just kept my mind thinking about human connections and stuff.

I hadn’t worn my wool coat in about, oh, two months. It was cold enough outside, so I put it on and found my iPod that had been missing for, oh, two months. Good stuff.

For dinner I ate soy dogs, specifically Smart Dogs, after nearly a year. I had eaten way too many back then and gotten sick of them, swearing them off until I forgot how sick of them I was. I obviously don’t remember what it was like being sick of them, but it doesn’t sound delicious, so I am going to try to contain my enthusiasm for them this time. I am making a couple as a snack right now…

And just a little while ago I cried for exactly how long it takes one to feel much better. I have some things to think about in the intellectual domain, and I will share those eventually. For now the emotional, and even spiritual domain are a little bit better for this episode. Here is a hint: I have a relationship with anger unlike any I could have imagined. Which is, of course, one of the things for which I have the opportunity to figure out in my life.

So, take a deep breath. I just did. :slight_smile: