Automating web builds

I want to build websites from my got repos. I can set up cron jobs and scripts on a server somewhere, but I’m not sure how to keep multiple versions of Hugo on a remote machine. In the past I use build scripts and a CI/CD server.

@tim, we may have a scenario where you and I are updating the same repo, and rebuilding. I think it would be useful yo declare the build steps in the repo, and containerize it. Thoughts?

Also, what are the costs associated with Drone CI? If we use one manager and one runner, can we just use a $5 droplet to get it done?

I haven’t used either of them, but perhaps

might work for you? both are self-hosted and well-attested it seems.

I’ve personally been using Gitlab CI/CD with a runner hosted on a $5 droplet, and that’s worked pretty good so far, although it’s a tossup whether you want to go through the hassle of self-hosting Gitlab just for that (especially since you’re already doing the code hosting through gitea) or if you trust Gitlab-the-company enough to just use the hosted version.

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Those look neat. Especially concourse, if it can use a single machine. I actually don’t care about build time, I just don’t like using resources I don’t need.

When was on Gitlab we used the runner, and I liked it. I’ve tried to reproduce it otherwise, but am not connecting the dots.

Honestly, I’m kinda split: using configuration build files presumes a lot of VM creation and destruction and downloading. So many of the systems I use have caching that I don’t know how to account for in CI.

I suppose my own web projects are so embedded in my thoughts on energy use and sustainability, it impacts the decision tree I use. :slight_smile: