Black Lion Garden Plots?!

From How Does Your Garden Grow? You Decide with a Black Lion Garden Plot Deed!:

Black Lion Garden Plot Deed

Add some cozy charm to your daily gathering with a garden plot for your home instance. Your personal gardener has a stockpile of seeds to get you started, but you can also cultivate seeds you find while harvesting plants in the open world. Like other home-instance gathering nodes, garden crops can be harvested once per day.

Whaaaaaat?! This is just like that one thing I really like in LOTRO, but never admitted to anyone!

Okay, I’ve got no clue as to what this is about, or how much it costs, or if it costs real money, blah blah blah. I just think it is funny that I think of a fictional neighborhood more than, say, contributing to a community garden nearby in the real world…

But these crops will definitely be easier!!1!

Super uncool! I told Clover about it and we were about to get our planting on, except plots costs 1,000 diamonds, which equals approximately I don’t care I am not going to pay money to garden virtually.

It made me think I should just make a gardening game for Clover. Then we can exclude the crap veggies. Looking at you, pawpaw!