camping gear

stuff i have set up cuz i’m using it every day in my backyard (so i know where it is)

rei flash air hammock with bug net and fly
eno hammock stand, portable (takes up a lot of space cuz it’s freestanding)
tiny folding camp table (perfect for cpap machine)
battery capable of powering my cpap machine overnight
really amazing lantern, d batteries, the wirecutter loves it
weird tube grippy lights from walgreens
battery-powered string lights
red wearable led belt for visibility in darkness
tarp that is perfectly sized to use as a footprint for my tent. the tarp is red on one side, silver on the other.
other blue tarps
one beach chair with backpack straps that can lie all the way down. low to the ground. even has a hole so you can lie face down
one camping chair with canopy. super luxurious!!! folds up into a weird rectangular prism with single strap for shoulder carry.
1 camelbak hydration pouch with tube and bitey thingy
1 platypus pouch with no tube, but does have pull-out valve thingy like a bike water bottle
small green day hiking backpack, well-loved
medium red day hiking backpack and tote (convertible), patagonia, also well-loved
various hats
foldable beach cart
these insulated tumblers in four colors
four clear cheaper nice plastic tumbler wine cups
giant beach towel, rainbow

i know where it is

2 person backpacking tent. blue and yellow. most stakes missing lol. rain fly.
backpackinf backpack. red. gregory deva 60. internal frame. eternal flame. just kidding
a two person (full) silk sleeping bag/hostel bed liner, for warmth
waterproof case big enough for like three phones
reusable ice packs, insulated cardboard boxes from food shipments that could be used as a cooler, several cooler zipper bags

i don’t know where it is =(

rei chair, tiny, very light
my backpacking sleeping bag. blue, very squishable. i really liked it
solar panel (to charge the battery)
camping stove. tiny. prolly needs more fuel?

car stuff

glow sticks
first aid kid from target
bike rack for the back of a sedan. can fit two bikes. used exactly zero times lol
an empty gas canister… in case
a car cover, which i should maybe return, but it gets so dirty

other … mostly i know where these items are

sunblock. so much sunblock.
aloe vera from walgreens
like three airplane neck pillows

i need

more graham crackers

dreams lol

a geodesic dome made of the pvc pipes lol Domes | Shelter Systems