Creative Commons Certification

Creative Commons is launching a certification program, and I’ve signed up for the beta. The materials will be openly available, and I’ve never been much for certification, having no real educational credentials to my name.

So why did I sign up for this program? Let me share the answer I submitted to the question, “Why do you think the CC certificate would be valuable to you and your work?”

I don’t think the cert itself is valuable, but I’d like to go over the material with the support, and to have direct access to ask questions. Having a comprehensive view of the CC landscape would give me confidence when recommending copyright strategy.

I teach high school aged students, as well as community workshops, for individuals and/or non-profits. With such a broad range of use cases, I’d like to have an answer or reference for each of them.

I left out the part about professional recommendations, it doesn’t really follow the educator motif, but of course that is important, since free culture doesn’t have a marketing department, and educating for-profit companies on supporting the commons is useful. That is what I tell myself, at least!

I have some solid gaps in my knowledge (ironically, I know enough to know what I don’t know…), so I’d love the ability to join a peer group with access to professionals, to fill in my ignorance.

Oh, also! They will run these courses through Canvis, a dual-licensed LMS which is AGPL on the good side of the coin. Always like using a new LMS! ^_^

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