Deconstructing a website: Tower of Shadows!

The other day I mentioned:

Here is the first post! Or rather, a deconstruction of a series of posts. I figure, the posts that have no comments are the least interesting. I mean, they are important to me, and I might just move them into some archive or another. But those conversations, those are what interest me.

So when I sorted my posts by comments, imagine how surprised I was to find one had 85 comments. What?!

Well, it turns out, in 2012, I ran an RPG from my blog. It was not very successful, but I did learn a lot. Also, it is so obvious I wanted something like Discourse! :slight_smile:

As a prequel post to the series, I should begin with It is short enough to repeat here:

Old School Hack is a role-playing game that combines Red Box type D&D with modern game design.

It is available as a simple to read PDF (2.9MB), and if I were you, I start doing just that. OSH will become very important in the immediate future, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Old School Hack was hot and new, having just been released in 2011! Unfortunately… the game hasn’t been updated since. It is really interesting, though, and that PDF link works, and is a very pretty document itself.

Now I wish I had built a directory of the games, rather than blogging about it. This is essentially a bit of information I needed to stick somewhere. I am definitely going to build a game directory!

I don’t really have a reason to keep those posts, but for the participants, here ya go: