Deconstructing maiwiki

I’ve decided to retire my long-running wiki:

I don’t like MediaWiki as self-hosted software (I dig Wikipedia, of course). There are a few things about it that really bug me, and run counter to how I think a web application should be. I got a notice that the server I run that wiki on has a hypervisor update coming, so it put it back on my radar.

I have a plan, of course, and I will track changes in this thread. Basically, I am going to start with the most linked pages, export them, and then set up redirects to the appropriate content. I don’t intend to lose anything, just spread it out to better places on the web.

I will be inviting folks to this thread to ask for specific input over some pages. This will be fun!

Since the wiki is hardly edited, a lot of those pages will become blog posts or pages, and the large sections of data, like gaming campaigns or the history of EGBT, will be converted to Markdown via Pandoc, and checked into public git repos.


Reading pretty much anything I’ve written in the past, especially stuff about myself causes me much deep sighing and muttering.

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That is good, it is a sigh of progress! :slight_smile:

Also, I am less tied to user pages (or proxies, like the one you linked to), as I am the more comical collections of knowledge we compiled. As I get to specific pages, I will check in with folks as to what they’d like done.

@malatesta, I’ve started making a Rise of the Runelords repo:

I can do a lot of the heavy lifting manually, but as I made clear in the README:

The goal is to not reconstruct the articles in a usable, cross-linked fashion. Rather, it is for archiving purposes. If you’d like to use the content in a meanginful way, you should probably clone it and do some regex magic to build a workable document collection.

I am going to aggressively deconstruct the wiki, meaning deleting articles as I go. However, since they are converted and save over there, we can probably put them elsewhere if there is ever a desire. In fact, I think they could be copied here in Discourse…

@kevin, I’ve started a repo for Kay Sief:

This is going faster than I thought. :slight_smile:

I’ve been home sick for a couple days, so I was able to crank through a bunch of pages. Now I am slowing down, and will be setting up some other sites/systems to take care of certain features the wiki gave us. My first is to get that 3DS-specific social network-y site up. I think I might get it up in only a few hours…

Hi maiki, thank you so much for archiving the campaign information! Happy to see it lives on! If it still exists, there were two other pages tied to my character… I believe they were called Zarku’s Workshop and Zarku’s Journal… but if they got swallowed up by Internet goblins, not a problem!

Yep, those will get moved over. I’ve decided to migrate articles in the order presented at, as deleting them removes them from the list. I’ve already moved over your primary article, which lives at

As you can see, some of the formatting is gone, but if we ever want to revive that data, we have it there. :slight_smile:

I did see the primary article - and totally not concerned about the formatting. Especially the character sheet stuff… it is the story stuff I’m much more likely to refer back to nostalgically! Glad to hear the Internet goblins have not had their fill this day. Thanks again!!!

I just found an interesting tool at:

I think I will try running that on the wiki and then committing the DokuWiki pages (which are just text) into a git repo, for different sections, or just an archive all at once.