Develop disaster communication strategy.

I’d like to be able to signal to family and friends I survived a hurricane, without waiting 3-4 days for cellphone or internet infrastructure or road conditions to improve. I’ve been in a pretty intense communications blackout twice in the past three to four years, due to hurricane. In both cases I was completely fine, but loved ones could not determine it.

I also would just like to mention I wasn’t in evacuation zones in either case. Just North Carolina’s infrastructure especially in poorer parts of the state is terrible. ( Years of GOP rule. )

I also think it is reasonable to expect hurricane season to get worse and not better unfortunately.

Things to check out:

Research local cellphone providers resillience durring Hurricane Mathew and Hurricane Florence. Maybe keeping a couple of cheap prepaid phones on alternate carriers would be suffecient.
Look into prepaid wifi hotspots that are designed to work internationally, and latch onto any carrier in the area.
Research landline availability and resiliancy and pricing. ( Seems like a lot of places are reach EOL with copper soon. )
Research satellite messaging systems that get marketed to hikers, do affordable plans even exist? Can they be subscribed to just for hurricane season to limit cost?
Research options I haven’t considered.