Discourse for personal use and profit, the live blog! Or, a farewell to email (thanks for all the phish!).

Continuing the discussion from Notebook zero:

Hey, I’m totally setting this up right now! Haha! Let’s go!

I’ll sum it up at the end, and um, mark it as the solution. Or something.

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Okay, so my funny thing is, I suddenly need a domain that isn’t interi.org. Why? Because I have it’s infrastructure all wrapped all over the place, and I don’t feel like moving it, and I want to do some stuff for money, in that weird maiki-way, and I don’t want it plastered on interi.

Seriously, I want to talk about talkgroup and mageparty and Oakland gnomes on interi. But future monied folks will want some social proof that I know how to load a list of impressive names, and that means building a little mini-shrine to paying clients, and I don’t want that on interi.

Also, I don’t want to use email any longer. I’m over it. A new domain will work for that! I plan to set up a private Discourse instance as an email ticketing system, and then just use it from the web interface. Ahhhhh, so nice.

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Ah, buried the lead: I have one! I had one for this very vain reason, but didn’t execute at the time. Now I’m ready to use it. And it is ready to be used. And I have it until 2024. That should be long enough to know if it works… :thinking:

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Since I’ll be the only person accessing the new site, I won’t need any special for a server. The lowest possible, in fact. It just checks email.

For backups and uploads I can configure Spaces, as I recently did at Hosting talkgroup stuff with DigitalOcean Spaces. That will assist with the weirdos that send me hi-res logos via email, without prompt…

Okay, gotta set up some DNS, and wait for that to resolve.

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Let’s see how long it takes…

Huh, that’s going a lot smoother than I thought!

I had my SMTP info ready, and the domain already pointing at the server, so it is building right now, and should launch the site with an LE cert already in place… nice!

Wow, almost exactly 30 minutes! :face_with_monocle:

Okay, taking a break from this. Logged in and got backups working. Next is to set up all the email! :slight_smile:

I’m the only one using the site, so I’m messing with how it looks. I chose this cool biohazard symbol and it fit together way better than I expected.

Icon from Zombie UI pack | OpenGameArt.org

And my edit:


Working my way through Set up Reply via Email Support ✉ - admins - Discourse Meta, but there are so many moving parts, I have to go really slow and check, or get helplessly lost along the way…

For setting up so many subject lines…

@tim and I tested my setup, and its pretty interesting, but still leaves note info about Discourse in the message than I’m willing to go with.

This is an ongoing issue, and Quim says someone is working on this, starting this April:

Hmmm… I will need to dive deeper to know if this is happening on a timescale I care about.

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I’m kinda split: on one hand its cool to do this without the other person knowing my inbox is weird; on the other, it is also cool to advertise I use an archiving system they can also access…

Let's theme talkgroup for 2019! - #10 by maiki means I email like a boss!

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Closing a thread in email is awesome.

Sometimes someone will copy me on a message to a bunch of other people. I don’t like this. So I close the thread. Now, when folks email that thread, they’ll get an auto-response saying I’ve closed it. Depending on their digital literacy, they’ll learn to stop copying me on bullshit, or think of me as their email god. I’m fine either way. :face_with_monocle: