Discover all the web browsers!

I need a sense of the browser field right now, including which rendering engines are being used, and also to find any hidden gems that could use more spotlight.

interi tasks:

Sweet! I’ve wanted to build a directory for web browsers 4 evah! At this juncture I’m looking at data pages, and what specific info we ought to gather for each browser profile.

I plan to keep these as text files in a git repo, but load it into interi as a directory. Since web browsers, as far as I can tell, are all software based, I’ll load them up as warez.

As for the initial batch to focus on, please just name drop browsers in this thread, or create a discover quest for it. :slight_smile:

My idea is that we’ll start a nice foundation for a directory, and then give explicit directions for adding new browsers to the directory, including just emailing me some basic info.

Oh yeah, I’m gonna have structured forms for everyone soon, so I can always let folks fill out an easy form to generate the text files for me. :sunglasses:

I’m been doing research on this quest for a few days, just eating it up! I have to get in front of this and just admit: I’m a bit of web historian/nerd. I’d like to say that’s why this pain is so acute, but perhaps that’s just my arrogance. Can’t discount it…

Anyhow, I can’t find folks talking about information browsers. I think HTML is the cat’s pajamas, but HTTPS is one of a string of protocols I publish and consume with.

That brings me to user agents, or as I’ve been calling them: my familiars. They are, after all, acting on my behalf, when I’ve wrangled them from the infernal forces of their formation. Haha, sorry, D&D sometimes makes for funnier sentences, but not necessarily understandable. :grimacing:

Anyhow, familiars. What an interesting category of warez. Bits of code, doing stuff on behalf of the users. That’s a useful directory to me. :thinking:

Timeline of web browsers, from Wikipedia.

There’s a decent list to get started at List of web browsers - Wikipedia. Let’s see if we can determine some common attributes.

  • layout engine
  • software license
  • creators
  • cost
  • operating system
  • features (see Comparison of web browsers - Wikipedia), includes browser features, accessibility, HTML/web tech, plugins, protocol, images. etc.
  • Acid Score

In my head, layout engines are a type of warez. I wonder how I ought to connect them. I could maybe check the existence of layoutengine and then build a link to a warez page. It should be relatively easy to ensure those pages exist.

I’m reorganizing webcraft knowledge, and this will be subsumed. :sunglasses:

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