Discover Dead Earth RPG

Licensed under GFDL.

The game doesn’t seem particularly fun… so I definitely want to read it! :slight_smile:

  • Game page
  • Further quests?

I am delighted this both exists and is using one of my favorite often overlooked document license.

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Dang this game sounds awesome. Maybe forum playable too.

I think so, if we definitely, um, give it some leeway. It is a brutal, often humorous game, black comedy. But also, there are some shaming and -isms that are a bit much, even given the setting.
But I’d definitely be interested in doing something with it. I’d like to do a read-through at the very least.

My immediate idea is to hypertext this game. But I’ve never remixed GFDL. What are the bullet points?


  • It is a copyleft license in spirit, it virally convey the four freedoms as of the GPL more or less with two noteable points of tension.
    • Author can mark some bits as non remixable, mostly as a safe gaurd against people missrepresenting the original author like say on a political point. This is an optional clause in the license, and most GFDL works ive seen do not create invariant sections.
    • License forbids locking the work in DRM.

Im more of a fan of the anti DRM clause myself. It’s also honestly in bad need of a rewrite as it’s language has been revealed to have warts over the years. It makes a lot of assumptions about works being in a format similar to printed books. Also many things that make sense about the GPL style copyleft enforcement equate to a lot of cumbersome edge issues in a document format.

Generally the creative commons eating the GFDL’s lunch by doing 90% of the same thing better has seemed to dampen much desire for a rewrite. I think though a DRM resistant document license is valuable and often wish we could get a 3.0 of it.

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Yes, you can die during character creation

It strikes me an interesting data point possibly for game pages. In that, some other games do this. If im not mistaken some editions of Traveler do this for example.

Also a handful of games include a classless level zero in which you can die before attaining an actual class. It may be desirable to group them into the same pool.

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