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Similar to Discover IPFS, looking at new ways to communicate via hypermedia.

I really want to discover Scuttlebutt, too! Are you thinking of trying to run a pub as well??

Not sure. I thought it might actually be kinda magical to not connect to any pubs. Just sync with people I am near, physically.

I like the idea of folks not knowing what is happening with me personally if they are not around me to catch up. I imagine using Scuttlebutt as an additional tool to catching up with folks I haven’t seen in a while. :slight_smile:

My main obstacle is that I am not sure how much longer I am keeping this laptop in this state, and I don’t know how well Scuttlebutt archives migrate machines. So that is a question to be answered!

I misunderstood how ssb works and thought that you needed a pub to connect at all, even if you were sitting right next to each other in a physical space. I think I am wrong haha.

I just really miss livejournal.

So the prescribed way to use Scuttlebutt is with Patchwork.

Known limitations:

  • “Embedded Scuttlebutt”, meaning it currently only works on one computer; I don’t know that that means, fully, except that it will be “advanced” to use it between devices.
  • Electron app, which has its own security issues, not what one wants from a privacy-focused gossip platform.

I could probably get by using the SSB CLI, but how do we recommend this to other folks?

Similar to Matrix, there are just too many flags for me to be enthusiastic about these projects.

i have installed patchwork on my computer. o_O

i haven’t even looked at the ssb cli yet (and also am like meh on recommending it to other folks haha)

The fact that most of the development has been going into electron apps with few if any alternatives is one of the things holding me back from giving it a real go.

I may revisit once electron lands in FreeBSD ports, which it’s inching towards. Slowly.

I sat with this a bit, really thought about what I want, in life, on the web, from the world.

Another gossip-ing platform didn’t come up. I don’t have anything to say to people through a computer that isn’t for everyone, or one person. I don’t have a use case where I want to only share some of my thoughts with some of the people some of the time.

If I do, hopefully SSB will be less Electon-y, and maybe a little GTK-y. :slight_smile:

I just read about Patchbay.

It seems to have different features than Patchwork, but still have Electron bundled in. :roll_eyes:

I just ran through all the ssb applications. I guess node.js is an integral part of the ssb ecosystem. The service itself is written in node.

I don’t know what it is exactly, but I don’t like that. All these apps, while not really polished, encourage installed node and using npm, and that isn’t something I’d ever encourage folks to do.

Even if a completely native GNOME client was released, it would still require ssb be run in node in the background… so I guess I am not waiting for an alternative server implementation.

It really sucks, I can’t get around this technology stack. Hopefully the ssb protocol stack gets implemented elsewhere.

We ought to be able to knock this out. @judytuna: what is scuttlebutt? :slight_smile:

Somewhere in those quests lie the answers we seek…

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