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Tim Berners-Lee’s blog post announcing Solid:

How I found out about it, lol: (fast company, 9/29/18): Tim Berners-Lee tells us his radical new plan to upend the World Wide Web [Fast Company]

With an ambitious decentralized platform, the father of the web hopes it’s game on for corporate tech giants like Facebook and Google.

I’d forgotten I’d already linked to that article, so I’ve replaced the link to the article with a link to my talkgroup post. :shamrock:

What is it? I … don’t know? Do I … need to … install a server?

from that fast company article:

“I have been imagining this for a very long time,” says Berners-Lee. He opens up his laptop and starts tapping at his keyboard. Watching the inventor of the web work at his computer feels like what it might have been like to watch Beethoven compose a symphony: It’s riveting but hard to fully grasp. “We are in the Solid world now,” he says, his eyes lit up with excitement. He pushes the laptop toward me so I too can see.

This reminds me of that time I couldn’t stop laughing about this self-description by the creator of delicious/pinboard as interviewed for an article for the economist:

“You don’t really know that the cool project you signed up for is in a skyscraper in Silicon Valley, or like me: one dude in his underpants somewhere who has five windows open to terminal servers,” he says.

and now this is a link to my blaugh, which has a link to the economist article: | tuna says . this is completely off-topic but in the intervening years that guy tried to make “tech solidarity” and says we’re not ready for unions lol so i don’t follow him anymore.

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I am at DWeb Camp in a geodesic dome listening to Tim Berners-Lee talk about Solid.

access control system
solid IDs, web IDs
whoever you are, you tell me yout web ID, i can give you access to stuff.
hospital pod
photo pod i share with my family, or a picture of my knee that i share with my doctor

linked data

intro to solid by inrupt rmployee

  • the web is for everyone london olympics
  • there are three entities on the web being screwed over
    • users (cambridge analytica)
    • organizations
    • developers (i hate writinf integrations. solud

right bow your complete digital self is solit among these orgs an owned by these orgs.

solid brings it under your control in pods. it is possible to havr more than one pod. you contril all the data on the pod.

example apps: ochat and de-chat are two different

the way this works is linked data, a knowledge graph. node, edge, and predicate. “kelly” “works for” “a job” . i point at data. link it together.

  1. vocabularies: how we descrupe the dara
  2. data shapes: define balidate data in rdf graph

solid and inrupt. we all want you to join the solid project an make it usable for everyone. inrupt is tim’s day job “he puts the tech in cto”

inrupt building infrastructure needed for solid to work. announcement: partnership with they will host pods. deploying hopefully by september on !

get involved

  • get a pod
  • contribute to the standard
  • gitter chat. will move to solid chat when solid is mire used!
  • build apps. they
  • post in thr forum
  • run and maintain a pod server
  • host events
  • work at inrupt
  • come to the deep dive in the dome, which is where we’re all at right now. questions and conversation coming up jext.


email the ceo

what are the bigfest challenfes for devs right niw?
tim: lots of ways to get pods.


@judytuna, please incorporate your notes into the page at Solid (web). :slight_smile:

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