Discover the "official" Nextcloud Apps

Continuing the discussion from Judy's Nextcloud:

I had started at Process the Nextcloud apps, but as I noted:

However, Nextcloud is very interesting to me, and I think a proper run-down on the various apps are in order.

This is a meta quest: it is complete when a quest for each app designated “official” have their own discover quest. :slight_smile:

More quests!
New quest domain

The reason to talk about the “official apps” is because they are the most likely to work between versions, as the core dev group maintains them. I want to document all the Nextcloud apps, but I figure most folks can get by with only a few core (“official”) plugins, so it will be more useful earlier. :slight_smile:

It is surprisingly difficult to track down official apps. There’s not a particular way at that I can see. Rather I’ll just check in at their MS-Git site (Nextcloud · GitHub) where they only haveOMFG177reposBBQchips!

Well screw that; I’m gonna check in the app store thing in the Nextcloud instance (at /index.php/settings/apps for those playing along at home). There’s no way I know to list only official apps, so I’ll just go through this kinda more manageable interface…