Discover XEPs

XEPs are XMPP Extension Protocols, and there are a bunch. The best way to discover them would probably be to read XEP-0001: XMPP Extension Protocols. :slight_smile:

I think @tim should read a few key XEPs. And I recently figured out how to spam the #quest-board, so let’s create 150 new quests! ((Because that is how many there are, counting active, draft, experimental, final, and proposed))

Okay, this one is complete! 150 new quests added, as seen at Topics tagged xeps!

I copy and pasted the table at XMPP | Specifications and used LibreCalc to move the XEP name column to the far right, since everything else was standardized. Then I removed quotes from fields, and delimited with a comma (important details).

spex.csv (10.3 KB)

I called it spex, because xeps was taken at the time…

Then I wrote, a little more detailed than

while IFS=, read -r xep type status date name; do
    curl -X POST -d title="Discover $xep: $name" -d raw="This quest to discover $xep ($name) was automagically added, to fulfill the quest at As of $date the status of this $type XEP is $status. What does that even mean?! Check it out at${xep,,}.html ^_^" -d category="21" ; sleep 3 ;
done < "$filename"

See that ${xep,,}? Have no idea how that works! But I picked it up at How to convert a string to lower case in Bash - Stack Overflow, filed under Non-POSIX, so… not a problem for a simple little bash script. :slight_smile:

You’ll notice there are no tags. I forgot! But I did get them working with curl. Because it is an array, each tags[]= you send along is added as a tag; so you’d have something like: -d tags[]="jabber" -d tags[]="xmpp".

Because I forgot, I found that the editing features in Discourse are dope! I searched for Search results for 'discover xep-' - talkgroup, and scrolling down got the 150 results (+1 for this quest, so all good). I selected all from the top, hit the edit wrench, and it gave me all kinds of options.

I appended xeps, xmpp, and jabber to them. We’ll add more as we get to them. But for now that should make them easy to find, discuss and hack on! :slight_smile: