Don't let this be the end of the road for local competitive carriers

Got a message from Sonic today:

We connected you first with DSL technology over unbundled AT&T copper lines, and now we are building our own gigabit fiber network to as many locations as quickly as we can.
Today one third of Sonic customers are connected with Sonic fiber. That’s how the 1996 Telecommunications Act is supposed to work: enabling competitive market entry and
encouraging new network deployment.

But AT&T and their trade association, US Telecom, have recently petitioned the FCC to take away access to critical unbundled network elements. These unbundled elements are
critical last-mile copper and inter-city fiber; the very technology that allowed us to grow, expand fiber deployment, and compete. Without access to this infrastructure,
Sonic is at risk of losing access to a huge portion of our customer base, leading to potentially higher rates, less fiber deployment, and even less options for consumers.

So, we need your help!

I just sent a note to the FCC explaining how our family uses our net access to survive and thrive.

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Are you still on Sonic? I have been mega Quest spamming but I almost want to make a quest to get freedom from Comcast, lol.

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If it can be spammed, it ain’t mega! :boom:

Yes! I think we should use Sonic to bridge our WAN to the Internet.

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