Enter without looking down

Red Bay operates out of a container cafe beside Impact Hub Oakland. I get a drink called Red Eye there; it isn’t on their menu, and I forget what it is. I should find out!

Anyhow, I sat down on the bench next to the members entrance. Such a nice morning. I was writing in my notebook, and casually observed a worrying behavior: everyone entering the building were bending their necks to look down!

We have a credential system on the door. It is operated by Kisi, a company. I have a keycard, a piece of plastic I keep in my wallet next to my Clipper card, another piece of plastic that allows me to enter “members only” spaces.

There is an option to use a phone app. It connects via bluetooth to the door and unlocks it. I can’t use the app, as I don’t provide the surveillance tech required to install such an app. But furthermore, I wouldn’t turn on the bluetooth on a mobile device, for plenty of reasons, but an important one is to protect my neck.

All those folks craning down, while awkwardly shifting their bags on shoulders or cups in hands: unlocking the door with their mobile.

Not a great a key. When I pull my keys from my pocket they are distinct shapes and textures, so I don’t have to look. A keycard, even less thought! I pull my wallet out, door opens. I don’t look.

The wizard walking up to their tower doesn’t pull our their crystal ball, cast the unlock cantrip, and then disenchant the front door. Mages automate the inessential. And have healthy necks.

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Save A Neck: Scan A Retina

nooooooooo shrinks smaller, fades away


This spun up an entire world in my head, 1984 “Carry On” posters that encourage the use of their surveillance tech, though motivational quips like this!

Two people, one looking down at their phone with an X through it; opposite a person smiling as their retina is scanned, giving a thumbs-up!

Then we ask folks to vandalize it!

i’m also carrying around sets of fake eyeballs. in fact everyone wears those eyeball gag glasses from the 80s and that’s just normal. rich people are the only ones who are allowed to wear normal sunglasses because they can pay their way past all the walls; the rest of us submit our eyeballs or fake eyeballs to be monitored and monetized.

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