Finish Watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988 Main series)


I was about at episode 55 out of 110 when I last took a break. I actually adored every moment of the show, but it has a kind of intensity that I find makes it hard to binge. It’s not like a lot of other anime in plot or pacing. There are no fluff episodes, there are no galactic disasters of the week. Its just continuously interlocking drama, history and political narratives.

The show is very opinionated on the politics of war. It considers war a failure state. One that any civilization with common sense would avoid. It frames human history as a cyclical tragedy as humanity is constantly arriving at that failure state. Very nuanced in terms of politically philosophy too. There are no blank and white good versus evil tropes to be had here.

Completion goals:
Watch all 110 episodes.
Be well informed enough that I know if starting the legit english translated novels is a good idea.
Be able to provide a “book report” or “series page” if one is needed or asked for.

thank you for the inspiration with completion goals! i hella ask for a book report! series report! series… page!

For the record im at episode 72 of 110. So im inching my way closer.


Episode 82 had me crying. It’s really good. just. MAN. Going to have to take a break for a few days.

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