Flare - Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine

Flare is an open source, 2D action RPG licensed under the GPL3 license. Its game play can be likened to the games in the Diablo series.

While the core engine is written in C++ with SDL2, there is an easy to use modding interface. Using the modding interface, it’s possible to create entirely new games. On the Mods page, you can find games made by the Flare team, as well a few select community projects. For more information on creating your own mods, see the Modding section of the Get Involved page.


This looks AWESOME!


Im curious how complete it is in terms of a full game, if anyone fires it up.


I came across assets for this recently. Do you mean one can host it like a Diablo server? Last time I checked they didn’t have a complete campaign mode.

Edit: dur, I didn’t read the quoted portion, looks fun! Maybe something to play with, @tim (my buddy with fiber-hosting capabilities… ^_^).


Now I’m really curious about how easy it is to mod. I’ve been playing with tiled lately, making really cute art work things, just using tilesets from OpenGameArt. I’d love to actually make a level, or otherwise make game content, and Flare looks neat.

The Fedora repos are behind a few versions, so downloading the 1.10 package, we’ll see how it installs.

@kevin and I used to make Warcraft 2 levels for each other, an odd form of asyncronous multiplayer, as no one had computers and/or net access. So we’d build levels that told little stories, placing single units next to cottages out in the woods, to fight or recruit.

I could see making Flare games filling a similar niche. Could be fun!

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It looks like a lot of fun, could be great for telling one-off stories, you know?

I started playing the default campaign, and it plays pretty fun, and I see I can use a joystick with it… maybe I could get this set up really nice for gaming. :slight_smile:

Downloading the other mods to try them out.

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I’ve got to go do something else, but it is such a pleasure to mess with INI files to read game data! I like I downloaded the game, ran it, and it put my config files in .config/flare and saves in .local/share/flare/saves, and that all the files in all those directories are text files I can read. :slight_smile:

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That is freaking awesome man. I can’t wait to dig into this.