Full Plate Builds (Lego)

The nature settings in particular are amazing!

edit: no clicks?!? Ok adding a pic.

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Gawd, they are such their own thing, huh? Like, is it a toy at that point? A sculpture? Something to burn with dragonfire as the woodland creatures flee before draconic might?

So many options!

I’ve been holding off getting into Lego, but we live within distance of a Lego store, so I could reasonably buy only the pieces I needed…

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I should ping @susan, since “Lego budget” may be a thing. :slight_smile:

Oh, I have to tell you this. So, there is a Lego store where we used to live. I was super pumped to check it out; I knew exactly the 9 pieces I need to make a Lego Sea Duck (Because Talespin is always awesome).

To my surprise and disappointment, Lego stores do NOT have every Lego size/shape. Only some. :confused:

The very good news is you can order online from Lego:

They used to have flat shipping too, like $4.99 no matter what you get.

It really seems like art at this level, you know? I want to build a woodland scene, or a bonsai tree, and have it be the meditative thing I look at when I need a pause from work.

Right… but at what point does it become:


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You mean MalSnay levels??? :wink: I am not certain. We might need to fly close to the sun for this one.

@kimi and I covered that:

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