Gangnam Style

I actually heard about this on NPR, and I liked the song, but what really piqued my interest was the mention of an “invisible horse dance” that is going viral.

I love this video! It is so over the top, and is allegedly social commentary on the difference between the rich and poor in South Korea.

We were surprised that it was mainstream mainstream; that is, so viral that it wasn’t just among people who are into starcraft and thus into korean music videos. haha.

Christina says that the Gangnam District in Seoul is a really rich neighborhood, and the culture in Korea generally cares a lot about keeping up appearances. So especially in Gangnam, everybody always has to be seen wearing the latest trends.

I was surprised, too! I’ve of course watched plenty of k- and j-pop videos, because I am a big otaku.

You know how much I love absurd premises, and of course social commentary. That is why the video tickles me so much!

Of course, he is not Genki Sudo. :slight_smile:

Did you see ?

I had. Pretty cool stuff. I wonder if his other songs are filled with as much commentary.

I was going to post that Atlantic article but Judy beat me to it! He actually reminds me a lot of a South Indian film star named Rajnikanth – he is late middle-aged, paunchy, balding, insanely popular and makes outrageously batty films with some surprising social commentary. I saw his movie “Sivaji: The Boss,” which is one of the biggest nuttiest movies I’ve ever seen.

Rajnikanth doesn’t have the invisible horse dance though.