Getting Free

I’ve been very wrapped up in shouting back against anybody who dares say in my presence anything like “class > *” or “wait your turn, you should sublimate your desire to talk about racism or sexism in favor of falling into line about class oppression because class oppression should be our number 1 priority” so I really love seeing people say that having to choose between destroying class oppression and anti-racism (and etc) is a false dichotomy.

You hang out with some weird folks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What space does that happen in? I don’t hear stuff like that, but I think I would like to meet people that feel that way, so I have a better sense of where they are coming from.

Also, I didn’t know the details of the panels:

The recent scandal of Grenfell Towers in London offers one concrete example. An untold number of poor, immigrant, and working class people died when the public housing tower block where they lived, caught fire. The blaze, we now know, was accelerated by non-fire retardant panels, installed on the face of the building; an effort to minimize its “unsightliness” for wealthier neighboring residents for whom the building was an eyesore.

Fuck that noise.

I know, right? Fuck all that noise.

I hang out around some weird folks, it’s true.

The people who say “fall into line about class oppression being number 1, if we solve the economic issues everything else like racism and sexism will be fixed” (or its slightly less offensive but still rage-inducing “don’t forget in order for racism and sexism to be fixed we have to fix the economic issues first”) are mostly Bernie supporters. See: , and I agree with what the author says when they say this:

Instead, these men contend, the party’s focus must be on economics. The glaring mistake they all make, however, is thinking that there is any way to disentangle reproductive rights from economic issues.

However now there are people saying “dude is getting better about it” like Bernie Sanders: Still Good … yes he’s just one person but as the Great White Saviour, hearing him say it will make others think it’s okay to say it too.

Bernie is sometimes criticized for focusing on economic populism at the expense of “identity politics”—a.k.a. the unique problems facing people of color and LGBTQ Americans. But on Monday he didn’t only talk about the pain of the working class, the millions of Americans who are up to their eyeballs in student and medical debt, and the uninsured, but also condemned the trans military ban, the cruelty undocumented immigrants face and the need for DACA, the wage gap, and the perils of fossil fuels. Perhaps as a response to the “Bernie bro” narrative Hillary diehards continue to advance—that his support base is composed of sexist white men who only care about breaking up the big banks—Sanders’s speech on Monday night was thoroughly intersectional.

lol I feel like people throw around the word “intersectional” and don’t really know what it means. I talked to a comrade who defended Assad Haider saying at a talk “intersectionality is not a sufficient framework to build a mass movement” by saying “look what he’s saying is intersectionality doesn’t work because identity can’t be sliced up into all these different pieces” and this was a smart person and I was like “WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? THAT’S NOT WHAT INTERSECTIONALITY MEANS! IT’S EXPLICITLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT INTERSECTIONALITY MEANS! NO YOU CAN’T SLICE THEM UP, THAT’S THE POINT” omg


Well, come to some DSA SF meetings sometime. Most people are great and the group is doing great work. There are just a few people who suck. I’d love for you to talk to them to figure out where they’re coming from because I’ve quit the private members fb group and the slack group because I get triggered any time someone posts another “identity politics is destroying the left, stop talking about that which divides us, we need to focus on the economic issues” article. I’m not gonna bother posting them here because I’m really easily angered and I’m being a fucking child about this and I’m all fucked up.

See also White Marxism: A Critique of Jacobin Magazine // New Socialist who says everything that I’m mad about in a way smarter way than I ever could