Good way to brainstorm game mechanics?

I have a web based game I am fleshing out. Have lots of ideas on how the mechanics should work. I have tried several methods in the past to log and update these kind of structures, but they never feel quite right. I always think “wiki” but end up with orphan pages everywhere, hard to corral all pages of a project.

Anyone have suggestions on good ways to get these possibilities logged somewhere?

(We could use a category denoting development, or something similar. Creating?)

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I am open to a category for this, so let’s think long view about what we could do here, and make a category that makes sense, but we can change stuff around, too, no stress!

A neat thing about Discourse, the software for this site, is that each thread can be turned into a lite wiki page, which can then be edited by the community. I say lite, because it doesn’t have all the functionality one would expect from a wiki, but it does pretty good for most folks’ needs (and especially people that basically use threads as documentation anyhow).

On top of that, being able to quote, spin off tangents from specific replies, or move entire replies into their own thread make creating structure from discussion a pretty useful and fun process.

For one use of a Discourse instance used to document and capture ideas is Mike’s WIFO. E set up a bunch of categories, and many of the entries would be akin to a wiki article elsewhere, except of course the discussion is right there to be had.

I was planning on attaching a gaming notes blog to these forums, where each post creates a new thread, but that was for providing news and updates for games folks are playing, or excited about, like our old gamenotes blog. I don’t have anything specific for developing ideas, so whatcha thinking? Gaming-specific? General brainstorming?

I was thinking general brainstorming. Something we can use for talking through game mechanics, or world building, or a story plot, etc.

Your description of what Discourse can do got me all pumped up! The ease in which we can move stuff around relieves that old wiki kind of stress, the “is this really the right place?!”.

I kind of like ‘Brainstorm’ as the category; seems like a good umbrella term.

Sweet, I will start a new thread describing the game / mechanics!

I moved 5 posts to a new topic: Create an ideation category