Gov. Kate Brown strengthens sanctuary law, asks AG to fight Trump's travel ban

Yay Oregon! :slight_smile:

Related, from the two population states:

This is going to be exhausting…

Interesting, I’d idly wondered before why “sanctuary state” wasn’t a thing, only “sanctuary city”.

Here are the 3 bills I think mentioned.

I wonder if it was the prospect of losing federal funding, which is potentially more severe for a state than a city. I don’t actually know if that is relative or not, but all “cities” seem like their own weight class, whereas states vary more wildly in size.

Being a California resident I enjoy the sway we presumably have, and the subversive movements like “Calexit”, but I don’t think these are long term solutions. Guess time will tell.

I doubt that. CA almost 100x WY, NYC >100x whatever the smallest sanctuary city is (100x would be around 80000, offhand Urbana, IL is a sanctuary city population around 40000). My offhand explanation is that a city can be more uniformly progressive than a state (eg California rural areas are extremely conservative) and thus one might expect cities to lead on progressive issues. I don’t know whether that’s what has actually happened in this case though.