Guild Halls: From Pen to Production to Placement

OMG scribe sounds awesome!

Scribes hold a uniquely selfless role within the guild community. Although there are items scribes can craft for themselves, they bend most of their talents to crafting items for their guilds. Much more than simple writers and notetakers, they are skilled in every aspect of composition, from mixing inks to bookbinding. They’re also able to inscribe complex magical diagrams and incantations that can harness raw aether to fabricate useful tools for your guild.

But that isn’t the cool part!

Each guild hall’s assembly device has a resource called resonance that can be spent to turbocharge the process and immediately finish the current item.

The main source of resonance is a new item called a resonating shard, which is discovered while grouping with other guild members. When you find one, bring it to the assembly device attendant at your guild workshop. They’ll reward you with some loot and harvest the resonance from the shard, adding it to your guild’s pool of resonance.

This is going to make partying as a guild a lot more valuable for us tiny groups. Because it is all about the slick-looking guild hall! :slight_smile: