Guild Wars 2 AM

Most nights our family goes to sleep across a very long stretch; I go to bed around 8 hours after Clover. But occasionally our sleep deprivation syncs up, and we all crashed at 9PM last night.

So when I just couldn’t sleep anymore at 4:30AM, I decided to hop on Guild Wars 2. This was funny because I normally log out around that time. Turns out, playing when I first wake up actually helped me transition a lot easier.

I’ve taken to keeping a notebook near at all times, and I keep copious notes when I game. I actually tried not to, because that sounds like a bit much, even for me, but I like documenting what I am doing, it helps me keep track.

Related, I often game to get my thoughts in order, or process information, or just solve a problem I’ve been staring at.

Waking up full of ideas and processed answers can be harrowing for me. It is hard to focus and difficult to start, let alone follow, a routine.

But gaming has a flow, when designed well. Because GW2 is essentially a series of connected sandboxes, there are always people around to engage with, but also natural lulls in the action, where I can jot down an idea or detail. And this morning it happened to work really well with my wake-up process.

Definitely worth investigating. I wonder if I should start assigning blog posts moods or other bio info, to make it easier to track. 😄

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