Gutenberg Accessibility Audit Postponed Indefinitely

“For at least the time being, Automattic has decided to forgo conducting an Accessibility audit on Gutenberg,” MacPherson said. He cited the following reasons:

  1. “an audit will not be actionable given our release timeline, because…
  2. the audit will not affect release timing, so…
  3. it would be more prudent to explore an audit on a less rushed timeline in the future”

MacPherson apologized for “getting hopes up and then failing the community” on this particular issue. He is supportive of getting an audit but it is not a priority to complete before Gutenberg’s merge proposal.

Accessibility has always been a cornerstone of WordPress development, and this rush to merge Gutenberg and “step into the future of page builders” is hurting everyone. Accessibility is an important aspect to nearly everyone I’ve talked to that volunteers with the project.

Low morale.

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I honestly have a hard time believing it. This just sucks. Automattic, you were supposed to be better than this. :cry: