How to use KA Lite to serve up educational content

I didn’t know about KA Lite | Learning Equality.

A free lightweight solution providing high-quality education where you need it most. Bringing the power of online learning to the offline world.

Honestly, I am not that interested in this specific project, but I am glad they took this approach. As they note in the article:

The next step was to register with the KA Lite Hub and select a language pack from options including Polish, Arabic, German, Hindi, German, and eleven more.

Considering the specs it requires, this could have an impact in places lacking internet access.

256 MB of RAM, a 500-Mhz CPU, and 265 GB of hard disk space for the full installation

I kinda want to spin one up, to comment on the connectivity between the individual instances and the central hub everyone signs into. The videos are released under CC-BY-NC-SA, but KALite also includes quizzes and progress tracking…

I haven’t used KA myself, so I don’t know the range of topics they cover. Anyone know? I think this would be great for Clover, possibly all of us. Unfortunately, I don’t learn very well from videos, so my personal ambition isn’t great. :slight_smile:

That appears to be the next version, apparently less tied to KA content and inclusive of other content channels.

MIT, runs on hardware that shows up in sneakernets.

It is kinda neat, as a federated LMS. I wonder how it does as a regular centralized web LMS.