HTML5 contextmenu is rad

Originally posted at: HTML5 contextmenu is rad.

WHat? What?

Right click on their logo, in Firefox.

It uses the contextmenu element. I’ve never seen it in the wild before.

<header contextmenu="logomenu" id="header" class="logged" data-contextmenu="Download our logo" lang="en">
    <h1><a href="/" title="\o/ Gandi">Gandi</a></h1>
    <p id="baseline"><a href="/no-bullshit" title="No Bullshit?">no bullshit ™</a></p>
    <menu type="context" id="logomenu">
        <menuitem label="Download our logo" icon="/favicon.ico" onclick="window.location = '/press#logo'"></menuitem>

SO COOL. For web app stuff, that could be SUPER COOL.

That is interesting! I’ve found that before while trying to open a new tab to the homepage of Gandi, but I thought it was just a javascript thing, didn’t know it was an HTML element.