I bespoke too soon

See what I did there?

Today Susan and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair! It was at Fort Mason, and we walked there from the Embarcadero BART Station, which means I made a 6.5 month preggers person walk a gazillion miles. It was fun!

It was pretty relaxed, since we are in the nesting-after-we-are-finished-purging phase, which is something that soon-to-be parents who are also minimalist never tell you about. It is totally a phase; I also used a lot of hyphens in the sentence preceding this one. At any rate, we only got a single non-food, non-photo item. And it is a gift for someone else. 100 points for us!

I met David Malki!. Like true gentlepeople, we shook hands and nodded to each other. A fine specimen, that one! If I were to boast, I would say our beards, theirs trimmed and professional, mine raw and sincere, resonated for a moment. It was a moment, and at least two people shared it. Susan was busy looking at the upside down sticker, and the person at the table was surely overwhelmed by the enormity of intelligence and wit contained in the wares sprawled out in front of them.

I love going to the fair, it really inspires me. I came back with no less than three (3!) ideas. One is about cards, another is about “brand merging”, and the other I forgot, but it is floating right there in the ether near my front lobes.

This is my fourth or so fair, and Susan’s fifth or sixth. We often go with other people, but this time we found ourselves wandering alone in the city, looking for handcrafted items and perhaps a delicious morsel or two. I love people, but I don’t think one can beat hanging out with a single person. It felt like a vacation, just losing myself in conversation, and seeing the places around us with this other perspective. It was great fun, just the two of us! :slight_smile:

We finished the day by walking another gazillion miles over to Super Duper (which I really think should have Burgers at the end, but it doesn’t). If you haven’t been here, treat yourself! They have the best veggie burgers I’ve eaten, which is kinda sucky, because there aren’t that many to begin with (the amount of choices is sucky, not their veggie burgers!). They make their own pickles, and you just get them out of jars, and I don’t even think they look at me weird when I take a whole bunch!

So, that was my day in the city. Now I can focus on work related tasks, like building a hidden underwater base, or saving the city of Neverwinter from the plague. :slight_smile:

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