Intentionally devaluing personal web properties for fun and noprofit with noindex and nofollow

Simple idea: load up a site’s metadata so search engines are discouraged to attribute a high value.

noindex, nofollow, probably others.

If I spend my life being awesome and writing about it at I don’t want to leave the burden of keeping that domain registered so others don’t commercialize my “brand value”.

Also, I’m not concerned about state actors or folks following me along my journey, but enemies will search the archives for ammo, but I’ve noticed my enemies are often lacking in intellectual curiosity, and would rely on search engines in their attempts to throw entropy my way.

And finally, it literally does not matter. I’ve lived my whole life actively fighting web capitalism, and yet whenever anyone needs to see my website they do. I have *phenomenal conversion rates, over 100%! How can that be? When folks visit my sites they often leave with more knowledge than they were expecting, the purpose of my websites.

Search engines are for people who are lost in a casino. My websites are for humans I know, and I’m rarely lost in a casino.

More thoughts on search engines: it really is a casino, and folks are being told they can be optimized for finding the best whatever.

When observed from the outside, it looks like a bunch of folks just don’t know where things are, anywhere, on the web. And the strange bit is it has expressed itself into the behavior of non-web activities. AKA, folks used to know where they would eat (the place near them), and it made for a very simple interaction. Now we load decision-making into the individual, give them all possible choices, and build entire fucking data surveillance industries on the fact that no one has a clue anymore.

Ugh, this is Morpheus’ frustrating dictation all over again. The blue pills love their shiny choices, and it is a market of ideas to compete in. Which means there are just an uncountable amount of folks checked out that won’t be reporting in the popularity contests, and more junk science and stats will be applied to making more effective saliva.