January 18, 2019

Meetings and whatnot crowded out my schedule; going to try and do as much operational job stuff as I can today while working remotely.

Our 1 yr old got a shot yesterday at the docs… just one! So we thought he wouldn’t be too affected sleep-wise, but that was an incorrect assumption. I’m functioning off ~3hrs sleep.

Black tea, here I come. And hopefully a nap around lunch.

Also I really want to hop in that programming languages conversation today at some point. :smiley:

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I placed the alarm on kiddo, no budging this morning. So I let em sleep. Woke up around the time we are supposed to leave, fed them pie for breakfast, and then had a leisurely walk to school, only about 40 minutes late. :smile:

Ended up deciding to warn work I was spending leave today instead of all the productivity I wanted. Mostly because I was sturggling with a migraine; and ultimately gave up and went down for a nap. I don’t think I quite realized how out of it I was this morning. I apparently lost track of what day it was today!


I got a 20 min, nap and feel less dead now!

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I see the pattern, folks need sleep. So sleep more. That is all. :slight_smile: